Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simplicity 2475: Brown Pencil Skirt

Here is my first brown pencil skirt, Simplicity 2475, view 'B'. This project took me five days to complete, the same five days I had the flu.  (Probably why it took so long.)

I love the fabric. It was very easy to sew with. I love the little bit of stretch it provides. I am a big fan of the kick back pleats in the back. Why is this not emphasized on the front of the pattern envelope??

Awesome kickback pleats - - best skirt feature

The pattern is part of Simplicity's 'Amazing Fit Collection.' It provides individual pieces for slim, average and curvy fit women. It also provides petite adjustments for women 5'4" and under. Great idea, right? The problem is, there isn't anywhere on the pattern that explains how to tell if you need slim, average or curvy pattern pieces. The measurements on the package only tell you which size to cut out: 6-8-10-12 or 14. I stared at the pattern for half an hour, read reviews on and found that other women were quite confused about the same thing.

My husband told me I am 'slim' and after examining all of the different pattern pieces near the waist, I agreed. The curvy pattern piece goes in at the waist most dramatically, average is, well, average and slim is the most straight throughout the waist and hips. Some women reported that this pattern runs a little large, so I cut out a 12 instead of a 14. The way the pattern works is that you sew the front pieces together, the back pieces together and then pin them at the sides to find the 'perfect' fit. The pattern allows 1" seam allowances on the sides so there is room for error. I ended up taking it in 1 1/4" at the waist and 1 1/2" at the hips and continuing down to the hem.

Can you see the topstitching?

I topstitched the front princess seams on both sides and on each edge of the waistband. The invisible zipper was pretty easy, thanks to a tutorial I watched here. I only wish I'd stabilized the zipper opening, as suggested, to avoid bubbling of the fabric near the zipper. It's not that bad.

This skirt doesn't come with pattern pieces for a lining, so I made them myself. Linings should be 1-2" shorter than the skirt, so I took all the skirt pattern pieces, folded them up, and cut out my lining. I attached it on the top to the back yoke facing, hand-stitched around the zipper and sha-zaam! A lined skirt was born. So comfortable I could go commando if I wanted to! Don't worry, I won't.
PETITE WARNING! If you are petite, don't just make the petite adjustments you are given on the pattern. Hold the pattern up to you to see how it will look once hemmed and decide if more length should be omitted. The pattern only takes out 1/2" in length for petites. I had to cut off an additional 1 1/4 inches off the edge just to get the hem to end at my knees. If I'd adjusted it properly before cutting out (taking out length in the middle of the skirt, not the edge), the kick back pleats would have started higher and looked more proportional. Something for next time, I guess.

The pattern was $2, the fabric around $6 and notions $2 so it cost about $10 to complete.  It fits so much better than the two skirts I bought RTW this fall.

There will definitely be another skirt from this pattern in the future.


  1. Great review thank you. I just got this pattern and am confused about curvy, slim, etc. The info that it is about the waist to hip angle is helping me decide which one to use!

    PS Your skirt turned out beautifully -- well done!

  2. Just picked up this pattern, so thanks for the review and hints (particularly with the zipper). Fingers crossed mine turns out as well as yours...


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