Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tutorial: Appliqued Onesies

I am making baby shower gifts. All of my expectant friends are having boys, thus the boyish appliques. This is a great way to put those colorful scraps in your fabric stash to work.

I used batik prints for the giraffe and the dinosaur. So cute!

A fun polka-dot tie that will always stay in place.

A sweet little elephant.

Want to make an easy baby shower gift?


Appliqued Onesies

You will need:
4-Pack of Onesies
Fusible Webbing
Clean Cloth
Patterned Fabric
Matching Thread
Print out of Applique Templates click here for template

If you can't get it to print to letter-size, go here to Google Docs:

First, you will need to trace the image from your printout to the paper liner of the fusible webbing. (Peel back the paper liner and stick your printed image underneath, trace.) Place the paper liner back on the fusible web and cut out all three layers on the line. Move to the ironing board and turn your iron on. Peel back the top paper liner again, and place the fusible web side on the wrong side of your patterned fabric. Before you iron on the web, place a clean cloth on top of everything to avoid getting glue on your iron. Place the iron on the applique, using high heat and steam to bond the glue to the fabric. Cut the applique out and remove the back paper liner. Place the fusible side of the applique onto the front of the onesie near the top, centering it. Cover the applique again with the clean cloth and fuse the applique to the onesie.

After gluing the applique to the onesie, you will need to zig-zag the edges to prevent the applique from falling off in the wash. Set your zig-zag to 2.5 and your stitch length to 0.5. Go around the perimeter, backstitching to prevent your thread from unraveling.

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  1. Thanks for creating these patterns! They were just what I was looking for and saved me a lot of time and frustration of try to draw by hand!


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